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You’ve read all the “Band vs DJ” articles online, yet here you are, wondering what choice to make for your big event. We understand! That’s why we’ll make the choice simple for you:

Live music is awesome. Especially a live band!

Sure, DJ’s also have a ton of music in their arsenal (read: hard drive), and some may even have some decent mic skills, but that’s where the comparisons end. Live bands dominate, and here’s why:

  • Live musicians performing on stage are going to have a more exciting, interesting and dynamic impact than a DJ playing songs on a laptop. Period.
  • Live bands bring the “Wow Factor” to your event. You want your event to be something that people talk about long after it’s over.

“But, my event is happening in a small room, and a band won’t be quiet enough.”

Think about this: DJ’s only have the ability to play music at one volume, usually LOUD. Professional musicians, on the other hand, have the ability to play at a level that is perfectly acceptable to everyone. A great band with the right equipment can play and sound just as good as a DJ, if not better – AND keep it dynamic and fun!

“But, bands are too expensive.”

Most reputable DJ’s charge anywhere from $600 to $1,000 or more per event – for one person!!

Everyone is on a budget, and we understand that. Remember: The personality of the entertainment you choose is equally as important as the fee. Don’t trim your budget so much that you find yourself with a DJ who is inexperienced and unprofessional.

You want your guests to be entertained and to feel the emotion of the musicians on stage.

Song Selection: 

A DJ may have an infinite number of songs at their disposal, but how many songs are actually played at a typical event? For a 4-hour show, that equals about 60-70 songs max. What separates a live band from a DJ is the band’s ability to read a crowd and make adjustments on the fly to keep the dance floor packed. A DJ is most likely hitting “play” on a playlist on their computer and then hitting the buffet table.

A great band also has many songs available to play. Knowing when to play the right song makes all the difference.

We can help you make your next event a huge success. Remember: Live bands rock!